You have most likely seen the symbol known as the Hamsa Hand, even if you didn’t know the name of it at the time. This popular image has been around for thousands of years and represents defense against evil. It is widely recognized throughout a variety of cultures and sported by many people, including quite a few celebrities.


Depending on the culture it is also known as the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Miriam, Hamesh, Khamesh and the Hand of Mother Mary, among others. Despite the many variations in its name, its overall purpose is as a symbol of protection against evil. It is most often depicted as a hand with an eye set in the center of the palm, although there are some versions that do not include an eye.

Some people may mistake objects portraying the Hamsa Hand as a sign of malevolence because they contain the evil eye, but this is not the case! Evil eye jewelry often includes the image of an eye as a way to stare back at the world and reflect any negative energy that flows toward the wearer.
Today, you can find the Hamsa Hand symbol on almost anything you can think of, from wall art to coffee mugs. The place the symbol appears the most, however, is in jewelry. The Hamsa Hand symbol has been incorporated into many different accessories and has become a very popular choice for those seeking evil eye jewelry. The idea is that if a person gives you the “evil eye,” a malicious glare with the intent to bring ill will upon its recipient, then wearing Hamsa Hand jewelry can intercept this misfortune and keep you safe.

The position of the Hamsa Hand matters. For evil eye protection, it should be in an upward position. If your Hamsa Hand is in the downward position, this represents good fortune and welcomes positive things into your life. An important thing to keep in mind is what to do if your Hamsa Hand jewelry were to break. This actually means that your talisman was successful in warding off the evil eye and that you might want to consider getting a replacement in order to stay protected from any ill will.

This beautiful symbol can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, earrings and in many other forms. It is up to your individual taste and style which way you choose to wear your evil eye jewelry. Evil eye jewelry is a popular accessory choice for both men and women, and also as a gift for loved ones. The Hamsa Hand design is elegant and classic and has withstood the test of time.

With so many options of colors, materials, and designs, Hamsa Hand jewelry is truly a way to make a personal statement, while staying well guarded against bad luck and negative thoughts. Whether your goal is evil eye protection, or a stunning conversation piece, our Hamsa Hand jewelry delivers. Take a look at all of our designs to find the one that speaks to you!