The curse of the Evil Eye can be called ancient and has a wide area of coverage in terms of countries and continents. Rooted not just in localized superstitions but also enshrined in modern religion like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, it has survived till today. Along with the Evil Eye’s curse, many protective items in the form of talismans, charms, and evil eye amulets have come up in the form of jewelry. These are made with the intention to keep evil and the invocation of bad fortune from other people away.

According to ancient beliefs, the primary color of protective Evil Eye talisman is blue, primarily the shades closest to the naturally found gemstones like cobalt and sapphire. It is also believed that the bluest eyes can bring about the most potent of curses. In this manner, the Evil Eye talismans and amulets usually set in jewelry for easy transport come in the shape of an eye or thick concentric circles with a base color in order to imitate the look of an eye especially the iris.

Evil Eye talismans can also come in different colors and hold different meanings. It is because these amulets are believed to also act as charms that attract good fortune and luck. Orange Eyes profess to bring happiness and protection to the wearer as well as increase their playfulness and creativity. Dark Green Eye also brings joy with the addition of elevating the wearer into an overall balance in life, and fortitude while pursuing new projects and ventures. A Red Eye increases courage, energy, and enthusiasm while keeping anxiety and fear away. A Brown Eye increases the wearer’s connection with nature and protects against natural calamities. A Grey Eye wards off loss and sorrow. A White Eye increases spiritual purity and focus and attracts new and fresh energy. A Purple Eye boosts the imagination of the wearer and brings happiness and contentment. A Pink Eye brings calmness and relaxation while securing the wearer’s friendships from betrayal and ruin.

Outside of culture and religion, the design of Evil Eye protection jewelry in the glitz and glamour of contemporary living has a place in the concrete jungle. Many celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Mick Jagger, have all been seen adorning Evil Eye jewelry in public. This proves that the Evil Eye still works its way out in the world, even in the lives of celebrities and A-Listers. Truth be told, they might just be the people who really need it, being surrounded by fame, money, and luxury.

Also, modern marketing companies have started using the Evil Eye design as a background to a line of products for a couple for decades now. These products are not limited to fabrics for making dresses and tops for men and women, greeting cards, un-related accessories, cartoon and animation, backdrops, etc. The Evil Eye protection design has transcended its own meaning and supernatural relevance and has now become an icon in terms of style and fashion.

Depending on your preferences and style, there are different shapes and forms of talismans / amulets. Most commonly used as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces – offers stylish and affordable evil eye jewelry.