Many people in the rural areas of Greece keep thinking about the evil eye, what is suffered or what happens when one person is jealous or jealous of another. On this to protect themselves they wear an amulet that is known as Nazar or the protector against the Greek evil eye.

But let’s dig a little deeper into what a Greek evil eye is

What exactly is it and why does it concern so much not only the people who live in Greece but also those who are even on the other side of the world?
The Greek evil eye is known for its ability of a person to cause harm, disease, misfortune or even death to another just by looking at it. The fact that society is naturally envious and jealous of what the neighbor or friend has.

From the beginning it was thought that the witches were the ones who used it on every person who fell ill. But the reality, it is very different since they discovered that not only the practitioners of evil did it but also different people without knowing it or simply wishing it.

Why has it been called evil eye?
We can say that it is called evil eye by “envy” that came from a more concrete expression of “The look that does not see us with a good eye but a harmful one”. The Greeks previously protected young people by marking their foreheads with mud or something known as silt.

What is the protection that people in Greece use to protect themselves from the Greek evil eye?

At first, various protections were used, such as putting a striking object like a red or violet ribbon on the person who was victim or affected in order to deflect the gaze away from your face and others used more complex things like baths in herbs to protect themselves from this evil.

In Greece, it is also common to use something called “Nazar” where they are also known as the Greek eye, this is represented by an eye-shaped amulet whose iris is light blue. It has been used since ancient times in necklaces, bracelets and tattoos.

What characteristics does the Greek eye have?

As we said before it is placed in a drop of water, its interior is inhabited by a blue dot that represents an eye. It is usually made as a crystal jewel that somehow serves as a pendant. Its main function is to protect the person who wears it against the famous evil eye, normally in Greece it is said that its blue tones are due to the characteristics attributed to the color of the seas.

Some people say that this amulet is associated with prosperity and abundance. A very concrete explanation of what the Greek eye is says that “Bad desires such as envy are manifested in the human gaze.”

Every person who believes in the protective properties of the Greek eye, says that it is useful to bring what they call fortune and combat the personal feeling of envy. Among other things that after all have the same objective “Eliminate the negative energies of our body, life and around.”

What does the color of the Greek eye mean?

The color of the Greek eye amulet has different meanings since it comes in different colors. Each with its characteristics. For example:

  1. The blue: Means good karma, according to the inhabitants of Greece is related to sea water. It is linked to positive energies and also gives protection against the feared evil eye.
  2. Red: It is related to blood and love, its general meaning is that it brings energy, power and desire.
  3. Green: According to many, color refers to nature, it also reflects hope and personal growth.
  4. White: This color is related to light, and can represent goodness and innocence, it is also said to purify negative energies and attract positive ones like blue.
  5. Purple: It is associated with the nobility and is said to represent power and ambition, as well as wisdom and magic.

These are just the meanings of 5 of their colors, there are many different interpretations but really the main concept is the same, since protection is why this amulet has been created.

How is the Greek eye used?

This is used to perfectly channel your energy. When you have the Greek eye that is considered a symbol of protection and good luck, you just have to put it on a collar or tie it on your wrist. You can also place it in your home or in the place you would like to ward off bad energy.

If you are afraid about the Greek eye breaking, tradition usually says that all you have to do is buy another one to replace the previous one since the one that has split has met its protection objective.