​In each country and in every place on earth there are different customs, just as in each culture there are habits that make them easily recognizable to the rest of society many of them with different meanings or motives but all with a faith and belief in their actions which allows them to protect themselves or do what they want. For example in some cultures they use amulets as a custom or as protection for example. In Turkey, what is known as the Turkish eye has great relevance not only in this country but also worldwide.


According to the people who participate in these cultures, this object is a great element that will provide protection against bad energies, specifically in a bad energy known as “The evil eye” that according to popular belief refers to the ability of some people to hurt others with simply the power of their eyes. This evil according to many not only affects people directly but also their objects.

The evil eye according to these people can cause that thanks to the feeling known as envy or greed a person passes the evil to the other causing the object to be damaged, fail or just something damaged.

People who use the Turkish evil eye as protection use it in multiple ways for their safety, some leave it at home by placing it in an elevated place or near the entrance, so that the eye will monitor any bad person who enters their house with the minimal intentions to harm or with the ability to give this curse known as evil eye. Other people wear it in a jeweled jewel like an amulet that is common, the jewel itself is a blue eye but there are multiple versions with the black, red eye and according to many each one has a different meaning and protection.

The amulet is also known as Nazar another group of people use this eye in the form of a tattoo on their skin. The choice is free of each person who joins this culture. The Turkish evil eye is one of the oldest protection methods that exist.

The amulet of the Turkish eye has spread throughout the world, both for those who wish to wear the symbol for its value of spiritual protection, even for those who want an original accessory, usually ignoring the meaning of it. In case you did not know, the amulet in Turkey is common and normal use. You can see it in the entrances of the houses or the commercial premises of many inhabitants there. It has been seen in models of clothing for newborns as a small hand accessory or even hanging in cars.

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How are Turkish evil eyes made?

Turkish evil eyes are usually made manually in drop-shaped crystals and are structured around something called concentric circles. Other people who take the work of this amulet more seriously either by having better sales or by the sentimental value they have to the work of making these amulets add semiprecious stones. Being these a little more expensive but more appreciable in view of anyone who loads it.

The amulet can usually be seen as I said before of different color combinations, but the truth is that blue is the one that is most popular worldwide. Many versions of stories say that the use of this color is because this talisman was previously used by the Greeks in their travels, so the combination of these two colors such as blue and white represented the union of the divinities to those who asked protection

Instead, another version said that the color blue was because it is due to the eyes of the Nordics who invaded the Asian part of what is now Turkey. The story goes that those who were being invaded saw that the enemies had that curse known as an evil eye and that they could convey misfortunes to them therefore they got down to work and began to create these amulets that today are the culture of this country. In this way they could represent the eyes of those enemies and reflected their curse themselves.

All these stories perhaps put us to reflect on how the mind or creativity of people over time has never changed, how they created these divine amulets that protect those who wear them from something as common as the evil eye, which despite not being very spoken.

It is one of the causes of bad luck worldwide caused by people who carry a curse within them that may never be taken away from them. That is why it is advisable to have this amulet and try to put it in every place that is possible.